Hut12 is simple yet powerful, offering a cloud based project management tool with business communication as its focus. With plans to keep expanding to include features that you want to use, Hut12 will be with your team every step of the way.

Read Conversations

read conversations easily

Start a conversation with anyone at any time. Communication threads are shared with your project team but are kept private from everyone else. Send questions and responses back and forth in a modern messaging format. Add attachments and download those sent to you. Download and print copies of conversations at any point.

Woman writing in a notebook

Multiple projects, multiple teams

Hut12 doesn’t restrict you to one project or team; create as many projects as your subscription plan allows and invite as many people to it as you’d like. Join or create different entities, and manage every project across different organisations through the one system.

History Tracking

SAVED History and Tracking

Need to find an important message quickly? With Hut12, you can easily find any active or closed communication thread for your projects. Track the status of each conversation and set deadlines for other parties to reply by. Assign work between team members and delegate incoming RFIs to correct parties.

Reliable and Affordable

Reliable and affordable

We understand that a project communication tool should be affordable for your business: That’s why we’re focused on making Hut12 suitable for businesses of any size. Adapt your subscription plan to your use, and enjoy a reliable and secure system without it hurting your wallet.

Flexible and Versatile

Flexible and versatile

Hut12 is flexible and versatile, allowing it to adapt to the needs of different industries and business types. From small project groups to large-scale enterprises and organisations, Hut12 offers a reliable communication platform that scales to the requirements of your team.

Other Features:
Trusted Authentication

Hut12 uses trusted authentication service Auth0 to keep your information safe and secure in a digital world.

Email Notifications

Receive notifications for all your incoming work, and notify others of work awaiting their action.

Address Book

Hut12 automatically creates an address book with your contacts. Customisable at any time.

Message Forwarding

Can’t answer a question, or think it belongs to someone else? Forward it to anyone without losing information.

Customisable Templates

Help your team out by defining customised templates for your business to use for all project communication.

Retrieve Responses

Easily copy a response to a question and pass it along to another conversation thread without mixing it up.

Deadline Enforcement

Set deadlines for each message. Hut12 will alert the other party too. Adjust these at any time.

Contact Information

Manage multiple contact profiles in Hut12, allowing others to contact you for different entities.

Start today with a free subscription plan in Hut12 and experience all of the features on offer for you.