Editing entity user permissions

Entity administrators can edit the permissions of other users within their entity. These permissions control what different people can do within Hut12 whilst a part of that entity.


While logged into Hut12 as an existing user, open the entity management hub. You can do this by clicking on the Context Switcher menu up the top-left of the screen and selecting “My Account” from the list of options:  

After that’s done, select the “Entities” tab in the navigation. Find the entity you want to edit in the list and click on it to bring it up.


You should now be on the details screen for your entity. On the left, you will see a list of all users belonging to your entity. Find the user you want to edit the permissions for and hover over them with your mouse to bring up two icons.

Click the pencil icon for that user to edit their permissions.


The user’s permissions should now be highlighted on screen, showing which permissions they currently have. You can uncheck a box to remove a permission from that user, or tick a box to assign a role.

By default, a user will just have the “active user” permission in an entity when they are first added. If you create a new entity, you will have “entity administrator” access by default. The available roles are:

  • Active – Active users are able to interact with this entity and use it within Hut12. Inactive users will not have access to this entity anymore but can always be reactivated again by an administrator.
  • Administrator- Anyone with this permission can edit the details for this entity and control the people within it. This is the highest level of permission available within an entity.
  • Can Create Projects – Anyone with this permission will be able to create new projects for this entity. Those without this permission cannot create new projects, but can still interact with existing ones.

Entity administrators can delegate these permissions to themselves as well as other users (active and inactive) within their entity. Ordinary users cannot change their own permissions, nor can they change the permissions of others. If you wish to gain additional permissions within your entity, you must contact an entity administrator.

Click “Save” to commit the changes, or “Cancel” to discard them and return to the entity screen.