Editing your profile information

You can edit your profile information at any time. Be mindful that this information will be updated across every project and entity that you are a part of.

STEP ONE: use the context switcher

While logged into Hut12 as an existing user, click on the Context Switcher menu up the top-left of the screen and select “My Account” from the list of options.

After that’s done, select the “Profile” tab in the navigation. This will bring up your personal profile.

STEP TWO: Open up the edit panel

You will see your personal information on the left of the page. Inside that pane there is a pencil icon – click that to begin editing your information.

STEP three: edit your information

You’ll now be able to edit the information on your profile. This will come across to the rest of the Hut12 site and will be useful for others to distinguish you on the system.

What you can edit:

  • Prefix – You can select a prefix from an existing list, or define your own with the “Other Prefix” field (e.g. “Mr.”).
  • First Name – Your first name (e.g. “John”).
  • Last Name – Your last name (e.g. “Smith”).

Click “Save” to commit the changes, or “Cancel” to discard them and return to the profile screen.