Editing project user permissions

Project administrators can edit the permissions of other users within their project. These permissions control what different people can do within Hut12 whilst inside of that project.


While logged into Hut12 as an existing user, open the project management hub. You can do this by clicking on the Context Switcher menu up the top-left of the screen and selecting the entity that the project belongs to.

After that’s done, select the “Projects” tab in the navigation to view a list of your current projects. Select the one that you would like to edit.


You should now be on the details screen for your project. On the right, you will see a list of all users belonging to your project. Find the user you want to edit the permissions for and hover over them with your mouse to bring up two icons.

Click the pencil icon for that user to edit their permissions.


The user’s permissions should now be highlighted on screen, showing which permissions they currently have. You can uncheck a box to remove a permission from that user, or tick a box to assign a role. You can also assign a role to the user, which will appear on all communication involving them.

By default, a user will have no additional permissions in a project when they are first added, apart from the basic “project user” access. If you create a new project, you will have “project administrator” access by default. The available roles are:

  • Project Administrator – Anyone with this permission can edit the project and control who is in it. Project administrators have the highest permissions available in a project.
  • Approver – Anyone with this permission is able to approve outgoing questions and responses.
  • Named Recipient – Anyone with this permission will appear as an option in the “To” field for all communication towards your entity.
  • Named Sender- Anyone with this permission will appear as an option in the “From” field for all communication outgoing from your entity.
  • Any user in a project is considered a “Project User”, regardless of how many permissions they have listed above. Anyone in a project can see the details of the project, see who is in it, and access all communication associated with it. Project users can create new messages and answer incoming questions, but will not appear as named senders or receivers unless they have the necessary permissions. Project users lose their access upon being removed from a project.

Project administrators can delegate these permissions to themselves as well as other users within the project. Ordinary users cannot change their own permissions, nor can they change the permissions of others. If you want to gain additional permissions within your project, you must contact a project administrator.

Click “Save” to commit the changes, or “Cancel” to discard them and return to the project screen.