Hard work, made smarter

  • Still managing Requests For Information (RFIs) using email ?
  • Spending too much time tracking RFIs ?
  • Cannot send files because they are too large for email ?
  • Losing critical project emails and information ?
  • Messages being sent to the wrong people ?

If you answered yes to any of these issues then Hut12 is your FIX

About Hut12

Hut12 is cloud based, making it accessible just about everywhere – and no, you don’t need to install anything!

Hut12 learns – the more you use Hut12, the more it remembers making your life easier each day.

What can you do?

  • Draft RFIs
  • Include attachments (the free tier allows up to 50mb to be attached to an RFI)
  • Set a due date
  • Send it for review and editing (or not!)
  • Edit and approve RFIs
  • Forward incoming RFIs to internal team members to address
  • Duplicate incoming RFIs and edit them before forwarding to external teams
Project Collaboration

Project Collaboration

Invite team members to your organisation, delegating projects and permissions as you go. Pick up work from one another and collaborate with ease.

Online Communication

Online Communication

Easily start a conversation with any other business using a global address book filled with your past contacts. Experience the beauty and consistency achieved through online communication.

Task Management


Obtain timely decisions to avoid unnecessary project delays and costs. With Hut12, you can see the status of each conversation and can track replies from other parties.